RiskSMART is a simple and fast way to get low-risk development proposals approved by Brisbane City Council. Simspon Rayner Surveys is a fully accredited RiskSMART consultant and can assess and lodge applications in all seven (7) development categories

The following development types are suitable for the RiskSMART process.

  • Multi-unit Dwelling (10 units or less)
  • Single Unit Dwelling (10 units or less)
  • Reconfiguration (10 lots or less)
  • Industry in Industry Area
  • Centre Activity in a Centre
  • New House in a Demolition Control Precinct
  • Addition to a house in a Demolition Control Precinct

We enjoy a strong professional relationship with the BCC RiskSMART team and our accredited consultants expertise will ensure your development approval is delivered promptly. Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART process streamlines the assessment and approval of selected low-risk development applications, resulting in significantly reduced timeframes to process and approve applications. Approvals can be achieved in Brisbane within 5 days from lodgement.

Brisbane City Council has established the “Risk-Smart” (DA) Development process to fast track Development Applications and as a tool to reduce regulation within the development industry. Furthermore, the process offers a 30% discount on Council application fees for RiskSMART applications. Enquire today and ensure the faster approval with Simpson Rayner Surveys.