SealSMART is a process aimed at fast tracking plan sealing applications through enabling self-certification of applications by accredited consultants.

Simpson Rayner Surveys is one of 3 accredited SealSMART consultants in Brisbane and have been involved with the SealSMART program from its inception. Under SealSMART, accredited consultants liaise with Plan Sealing officers to determine suitable applications and agree on certification requirements for each condition. The accredited consultant then engages relevant professionals if and where required to certify that conditions have been complied with, providing evidence as required.

Provided the application meets all requirements, Brisbane City Council seals SealSMART survey plans within five business days of payment of plan sealing fees.

A major advantage of lodging through the SealSMART process is the reduced timeframes for sealing of a survey plan, traditionally a plan sealing application through Brisbane City Council would take around 20–30 Business days.

Contact us to find out if your development meets the requirements for SealSMART and find out more about how we can fast track your development project using SealSMART.